Tuesday September 25, 2012

Flashcards, Mind Maps and Study Quizzes....Welcome to ExamTime!

ExamTime: Your New Partner in Online Learning    

So.....Software4Students have been listening to issues affecting students for years and have come up with a solution to help you sleep easy at night! Talking to students has made us aware of the late nights, hours spent in the library and litres of coffee consumed on the road to exam success. Sound familiar?

We aim to abolish the “horrors” you experience when you think about your upcoming exams or assignments and have you confidently strolling into the exam hall without breaking a sweat.

Don’t worry! We have heard everything you have been telling us and have come up with the solution to THAT headache you get when you think of exams and study. We have been working hard and now we are really excited to be launching ExamTime, our latest service designed to help you manage your study 5,000,000 times better (don’t quote us on that!).

Why Use Examtime:

Students have been using corporate software for years for your study needs and now we think it’s time you have tools designed specifically for you. Examtime provides you with a platform to develop, learn and understand topics and subject matters. Visualise your study content so that understanding and remembering the information you need to know to get the best results becomes easy.

Our online study tools include:


Mind Maps

• Online Quizzes

• Revision Planner


Here’s why you should use the Internet to help you remember what you need to know to ace those exams:

1. Easily Accessible

Whether it’s the library, the classroom, your bedroom or your friend’s house - students like to study in more than one location (study tip: switching your study location frequently boosts your memory). Log on to Examtime at any time through the online application and you will be able to view and download your notes easily.

2. Speed

Trudging into the library every time you need to access the information you need can be a hassle – an unnecessary hassle. Save digitalised version of your study notes to your ExamTime profile and laugh at your friends who forgot to upload their notes!

3. Productivity

Do you really want to spend all of your time getting to grips with all the knowledge you need to get in your head before exams? ExamTime is specifically designed to maximise your productivity by allowing you to organise, create and share your study materials.

4. Effectiveness

Basically studying with online tools is more effective than traditional methods. According to a recent article on US news, Marc Loudon praised the use of online study tools stating that students who “engaged in online homework on top of their class lectures and textbook homework had a full-grade higher average than their peers who studied without the aid of the online tool”. 

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