Norton Family

Norton Family provides parents with the insights they need to help keep their child safer and focused when online. Parents can see their child’s search terms and viewed videos, monitor for age-appropriate content, set screen limits, and more.

Help foster a healthy balance for your children and their devices, while providing tools to help them learn safe, smart, and healthy online habits. Manage protection for your children’s devices with the help of an easy-to-use Web Portal.

Top benefits

Let children explore the Web more safely
Enable them to enjoy the Internet while protecting them from unsuitable content.
Help children find balance
Set limits around your child’s device usage to help establish healthy online habits.
Gain insight into your child’s online interests
See the search terms and videos that interest your children and flags unsafe behavior so you can discuss it with them.


Stay informed
Get detailed reports on what your children are doing online, right in your Inbox or on the Parent Portal.
Limit online distractions
Help focus your child on schoolwork and avoid online distractions while remote learning.
Web Portal
Manage protection for your children’s devices with the help an easy-to-use Web Portal.


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