Monday November 26, 2012

Windows 8 Tips, Tricks, Secrets and More

When Microsoft launched their latest addition to their range of leading operating systems with Windows 8, naturally Software4Students were very excited with the prospect of being able to play with new software! We were especially excited to start getting to know new software designed and driven by the leading software giant, Microsoft who are known worldwide for their excellence building the best computer software.

From Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 comes the arrival Windows 8! And with the introduction of any new software, we wanted to get to know loads of tips and tricks for using Windows 8 and help you get to know the software that will most certainly become commonplace in the future (let us know if you agree with this below?).

On that note, we decided to get some helpful Windows 8 advice from the more knowledgeable software users so that we could share these tips with you. We have put together a list of Windows 8 tips we think you will find most useful.

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Windows 8 Keyboard Commands

As you can see from the Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts below, the “Windows” key on your keyboard is highly useful and will be the tool you will use most often if you have installed Microsoft Windows 8 on your PC.

Take a look:

• Press the Windows key and D to instantly access your desktop

• Windows key and tab opens a list of currently running programs

• Windows Key and Print Screen will automatically save a screenshot to your Pictures Folder

• Windows key and “W” allows you to search your system settings so you can quickly change your properties

• Windows key and “F” opens file and folder search

• Windows key and “I” gives you quick access to your Control Panel, Personalisation and the Power button along with many other useful features


Windows 8 Shortcuts

Not sure where to find your Notepad or your Control Panel? One of the best shortcuts we have found for accessing almost everything you need on your computer is:

• Go to your Windows Home Screen (App Screen)

• Right click anywhere on the screen other than the apps

• Click “all apps”

• View all the tools you need from Microsoft office to you Snipping Tool

Windows 7 prominently located their power button through the Start Button but is less visible with Windows 8. To get the power button in the new operating system, you currently need to navigate to the Charms menu, click the Settings charm, click the Power button and select Restart or Shutdown.

However, you can create a shortcut to locate the Shutdown and Restart buttons just one click away from the desktop and start screen. Follow the steps below:

• Navigate to your Windows 8 Desktop

• Right click on the Desktop and select “New” -> “Shortcut”. A shortcut menu appears

• Create a new shortcut

• Enter shutdown /s /t 0 (that's a zero) in the location box and hit “Next”

• Enter a name for the new shortcut and click “Finish”. A new shortcut will appear on your desktop

• Name your shortcut and click “Finish”

• Right click on the shortcut and select “Properties”. A dialog box appears • Click “Change Icon” under the Shortcut tab then click “OK” in the warning box that says shutdown.exe contains no icons.

• Click “Change Icon”

• Select an icon from the list of available images. Click “OK” twice (once to close the “Change Icon” windows and once to close the “Properties” windows. Your shortcut will now have an icon

• Choose the icon for your shortcut

• Right click the shortcut and select “Pin to Start”. The Shutdown icon will now appear on your Windows 8 Start Screen

• Drag the shutdown icon to a prominent location on our Windows 8 Home Screen

• Repeat the process for the Restart shortcut if with the command “shutdown /r /t 0”


Windows 8 Handy Tips

• Low powered computer users should close apps manually as Windows 8 does not automatically shut down background apps


• Have you downloaded a lot of Apps from the Windows Store and made your Start Screen look a mess?! If you want to organise your apps, you can make groups (see image below).

For example, you can drag People, Calendar, Mail and Messages to the left-hand side and name this group “People”.

Click the minus icon in the bottom right-hand corner to zoom out and you can drag and drop your group as a block anywhere on you Windows 8 Home screen. Right click on the group (while zoomed out) and you can rename your group which will make it much easier to find the Windows 8 tools you need!




Windows 8 Nifty Tricks

• Did you know you can create a picture password to log in to you PC with Windows 8?

Here’s how:

  • Go to you settings (Windows key and I)
  • Click “Change PC Settings”
  • Under Sign in options, click create a picture password

Select a file from your computer and choose 3 points that will act as your password when clicked

• Are you a keen social media user? Using the share buttons located in Windows 8 Charm Settings, you can share content from your PC via social media with ease. You can easily share a photo via email or Twitter or upload to your own SkyDrive to access anywhere.


Windows 8 Hidden Gems

• The option to hide all windows on your Windows 8 desktop still exists – it’s just hidden! Click where it was and you should still be able to hide the Windows you want.

• Windows 8 has a handy option to organise your files:

  • Create a folder on your desktop (give it a suitable name)
  • Drag all the scattered files into this folder and close
  • Right click on Taskbar
  • Select Tool Bar, New Toolbar o Navigate to the folder and click on it
  • You will now have a handy toolbar on your taskbar and a clean desktop!

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