Monday October 22, 2012

Introducing trakAxPC to the S4S Family!

Software4Students are excited to introduce the latest innovative video editing software from trakAxPC! We are giving S4S fans exclusive access to our favourite multimedia management solution designed to help you create videos in a fun and easy way. Share your videos with your friends at the click of a button – it’s that easy!

Whether you want to produce a home movie, slideshow or video presentation, trakAxPC has all the features you need with built in YouTube uploader so you can share your creation with a global audience instantly.

Want to find out more about tracAxPC?

Take a look at trakAxPC’s Help centre where you can get access to Video Tutorials, Wiki, Forum, Email Support, FAQ info and Installing and Licensing advice.

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trakAxPC provides a multimedia creative and management solution with professional standard tools which are supported with comprehensive video tutorials and sophisticated help centre. Designed for beginners, but with all the features you’d expect from pro software, trakAxPC is the most affordable Windows software of its type on the market.

Unlike other applications out there, we realise that Audio is a vital component to all your video creation. Sound effects, voiceover, and music —you have full control over all the elements. trakAxPC shows you detailed audio waveforms, so you can make precise edits quickly and easily - so no need for a separate software package.

Import HD .Mov, AVCHD and MTS Files. If your PC is under pressure with such large files, no problem, we’ve built in an special engine to help the average PC easily deal with these huge new files sizes, allowing you to concentrate on editing and creating - rather than keeping your PC alive.

Upload your videos directly to YouTube - Full HD is supported, so your movies have never looked so crystal clear. Quickly and easily convert all major file types with our one click converter.

Add split-screen effects and picture-in-picture in a highly intuitive environment - control the placement exactly with no experience required!

Multimedia software can seem complicated, but it really shouldn't be. trakAxPC provides you with a full video editing suite along with sophisticated audio editing tools and an automatic slideshow creator.

trakAxPC Features

Direct Upload to YouTube

Upload your videos directly to YouTube - Full HD, HD, BestQuality and Regular Support

 Add Text and Credits

Add Text Overlays as well as start and end credits to your videos. Control Sizings, Placements, Colours, Backgrounds and more

 Automatic Crossfading

Automatic crossfading allows you to fade one segment out while fading another segment in, at the same time.

 Collaging / Picture-in-Picure

Collaging is a great feature which allows you to display two or more videos / images together in the same output screen.

 Free Support

With our dedicated Help Centre and personal email support, you can be sure, should you have any questions, there will always be a member of the trakAxPC Team on hand to help.

 Transparent PNGs

Full support for transparent PNGs - great for adding a logo or watermark to your video


Probably one of the most exciting new features - support for all Popular HD Video formats!

 Slideshow Creator

Create a slideshow from thousands of photos in seconds. Add crossfades, effects, transitions and more quickly and easily.

 trakKutter - Make Edits

Use the Trakkutter to cut samples to remix your favourite tracks or make detailed edits to audio tracks, narrations or video clips.

 Dual Monitor Support

Plug in a second monitor and view your video output full screen. Great for playing back your videos while you continue to work on your mix.

 AutoSelection Multiple Tracks

Move and copy audio, video and photo segments and/or large collections of media to different areas.

Media Manager

The Media Manager Window allows you to see all your files in a thumbnail view, as well as being able to move, copy, delete files and folders.

 Pro Beat Matching

With our new beat-matching technology, users can mix any tracks or loops with different BPMs (beats per minute) seamlessly for a professional sound.

 Export to Popular File Formats

trakAxPC allows you to export a segment, selection, loop region or entire mix to popular file formats such as AAC, MP4, M4A, WAV etc.


Progress from one scene to the other smoothly with our large selection of transitions


Control the volume, pitch, pan and brightness of your mix using envelopes. Add nodes to your envelopes to change the parameters on the fly.


Add the finishing touches to your video and music mixes with a huge selection of video and audio effects

 Web Cam and Mic

Record in directly to trakAxPC from your Webcam or Microphone for Videocasts, Podcasts or just for fun, to use in your mixes.

 Network Support

Access all the computers on your network. You can now also pick the location where you would like your files to parse. Great for Schools,Business and Power Home Users.

 All in One Application

Unlike other applications, trakAxPC allows you to edit and mix audio, video and photos, so you do not have to purchase additional and expensive software. Whatever you need to create, trakAxPC has the tools you need to make something amazing.

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